FII Type

Up to 90 kV Class , 400 A and 17 positions (all combinations are not possible)

Direct drive or through coupling operation, from side wall of tank, or active part  of Transformer
Remote controls at man’s height are available, for shaft crossing on top or bottom of tank, or on cover of Transformer
Fixing on tank, or cover of Transformer :

  • by bolting of main bracket on tank, cover or active part of Transformer
  • driving shaft boss to be welded on tank or cover of Transformer, or flange to be bolted on tank or cover of Transformer

Length of shaft to be required when ordering (designs may vary depending on required distances)
Twinned units on several stages (identical or different) are available
Current ratings : all ratings up to 400 A, with removable contacts (tubular, flat or flags)


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