HR Type

Up to 30 kV Class, 63 A and 7 positions

Direct drive operation, from side wall of tank, or cover of Transformer.
Fixing on tank, or cover of Transformer by bolting of the main bracket (hole dia 20 mm on tank or cover of Transformer)

6 available heights for the main bracket (L=70, L=100, L=130, L=150, L=170, L=200)
Twinned units on several stages (identical or different) are available.
Current ratings :

  • 30 A with tubular stationary contacts dia 3.1 x 5.0 mm
  • 63 A with tubular stationary contacts dia 5.1 x 7.0 mm

Additional information on our catalog

  • HR.39
  • HR_6B1235-KK
  • HR_7A3250_06-7A3250-F45.75